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Flipping forces

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Next Tuesday is Pancake Day and to celebrate the flipping fantastic feast that it is, here is an idea that can be used to reinforce knowledge of force diagrams with KS2 or KS3 students.

Using the downloadable resource, students create their own diagrams to show the forces involved when flipping a pancake.

This is ideally done on the computer, where they can use PowerPoint to add arrows, labels and even animate their creations. Or, you can display the instructions (slide 1) on the whiteboard and print out the other slides as handouts which the students can draw on.


Some other pancake lesson ideas for science:

This lesson explores how to teach chemical reactions and physical changes by cooking pancakes.   This idea is also covered in more detail in UPD8 Wikid’s Cook unit.

A fun KS4 idea using pancakes to teach about plate tectonics.  Mmmm … maple syrup asthenosphere.