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Science in the news-letter #3

This week’s newsletter features invisibility cloaks for buildings, lab-grown hamburgers and how to charge a mobile phone using a T-shirt.

Science in the news-letter #2

Another five science new stories from around the world feature in this week’s edition.
Thank to you all those who sent me such positive comments about the newsletter – I am glad it proving to be useful.




Science in the news-letter

This idea came from @ejw232, a teacher on Twitter, who asked if there was any website that supplied print-off news headlines she could display in her classroom.  I’m never one to shy away from a challenge,  so here is the first (I’m hoping of many) science in the news downloads.

 It includes five of the most interesting, and relevant to school science, news stories of the past week.  Each story has  QR code and URL which will send students to the news story and a question to get them thinking.  This could used as an enrichment activity, competition or homework.

I would love feedback on this new idea.  Please let me know if this is useful or if there is anything you want added to make it more useable in the classroom.