What the frack?

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What the frack?

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The story

Fracking is a controversial way of mining for natural gas reserves that are buried deep underground in layers of rock. It is been banned in some countries but is being carried out in the USA and UK. A few weeks ago the scheme got the green light to be extended in the UK.

Further explanation is shown in the video below.

However, it has it risks and has caused toxic chemicals to leak into water over in the states, as explained in this wonderful music video.

 Teaching ideas

Although fracking is not specifically mentioned in any GCSE specs that I am aware of, you may wish to discuss it with GCSE groups when looking at the issues of future fossil fuel supplies (or just as an excuse to play the Fracking Song). Reserves of crude oil are running low and so fracking for shale gas looks to be one way of gratifying our appetite for fossil fuels.

Students could view the information and then come up with pros and cons before deciding whether they think the UK should build more fracking wells.


News article: ‘Gas fracking gets green light’

Interactive which explains in detail how it works.

In this video an 11 year-old girl discusses her views on fracking.