What is Snapshot Science?

I'm Gemma Young, a freelance writer, editor and consultant of educational science resources since 2010.  Previous to this, I was a secondary school science teacher for eight years.

My motivation is a love for science, learning and inspiring this in others. Throughout both my careers I have strived to make science relevant, engaging and occasionally controversial and surprising.

KS2 Science

I am now offering help with KS2 science including science club sessions to schools in Hampshire.

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Freelance work

If you are in need of an experienced, innovative and hardworking freelancer with an in-depth knowledge of both primary and secondary curricula in the UK and USA, I am available for freelance work - please contact me via:



For more information of what I have worked on, and the skills I have that can help you with your project, please download my CV.

My resources

Please also take a look through the bog where I write about current science news stories and suggest ways of using them in the classroom. You are very welcome to download the resources I have created, all I ask in return is a comment to say how you used them and if they were useful.

Downloadable resources created by Snapshot Science are licensed under an attribution non-commercial creative commons license.