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Happy New Year!

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image: K B @wikimedia commons

Snapshot Science’s new years resolutions:

1.  To get a new look

Well at least one has already been achieved (apart from a few ongoing tweaks here and there) – I hope you like the makeover.

2.  To lose weight

Most of my posts are text-heavy and take a long time to write.  This, plus a super busy year in terms of other projects, has meant that 2011 has been quite thin on the ground in terms of posts (hangs head in shame).  One of the reasons for this new look was because the layout welcomes shorter posts, videos, images and links to other websites.  I intend to use more of these in order to boost my numbers of posts.  Keep your eyes peeled for the first example!

3.  To make new friends

Over 2011 Snapshot Science has gained many more readers, subscribers and twitter followers but there is still room for improvement. Please tell your colleagues, friends, random passers-by-in-the-street about the blog.  Also, it would be great to get to know you; I love reading emails, comments and tweets, it really makes my day and reminds me why I blog – so please get in touch.

Here’s to 2012!