Would you make a good goalie?

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Would you make a good goalie?

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The World Cup is finally over and to celebrate – one last football-related teaching idea:  What does it take to be a great goalie?

Nerves of steel, lightning-fast reactions times and perfect hand-eye coordination are top of my list. So the World’s top goalkeepers must have a great nervous system.

In this PowerPoint, students watch some of the greatest goal saves of all time and then test their knowledge of the nervous system to explain what happens in a goalie’s body as he tries to save a goal.  It can be used at the start of a GCSE topic on the nervous system or for a bit of revision before the exam.

To carry on this theme – why not get your students to find out who in the class would make the best goalie?  They can try out some online reaction-testing and hand-eye coordination tests (links below) and practice their data-collecting skills by drawing out tables and calculating averages.

Useful websites:

The four best saves of all time
Sheep dash online reaction times tester
Escapa – online hand-eye coordination test